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Learn about Lab Diamonds

The mined diamond industry is continuously challenged by moral issues and mining diamonds is very destructive to the environment. We believe that when people are informed, they can make the better choice.

At Endiamonds, our goal is to provide transparency and guidance on buying lab diamonds.

Lab diamond definition

A lab diamond is a diamond, it is chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond.

Creating a lab diamond

You get a mined diamond when pure carbon is treated in extremely high temperature together with crushing pressure over billions of years in earth's crust. Lab-created diamonds are grown in a laboratory that replicates earth’s natural characteristic: high temperature and high pressure. It takes around 2 weeks to produce rough lab grown diamonds.

Difference between lab diamonds and mined diamonds

Since lab diamonds are createad in a laboratory and not in the earth's crust, from a pure gemological perspective there are some features which you would only see using a special equipment. This is the only difference between a mined diamond and a lab diamond, everything else is exactly the same: chemically, physically and optically.

Endiamonds does not claim lab diamonds do not have environmental impact.

Mining diamonds causes extreme destruction to the environment due to land excavation, waste polution, soil erosion, deforestation, and ecosystem destruction. This is what a diamond mine looks like. 

The laboratories where lab diamonds are produced emit carbon just like any other factory. For us, lab diamonds are environment-conscious because they have less environmental impact compared to mined diamonds. We still need more research to see how much carbon emissions lab diamonds produce but it is clear that they are the better choice since we do not need to mine diamonds.

The fine print

Human impact

Countries in Africa producing mined diamonds are revealed for the worst working condition including wages of $1 per day. Child labor in Africa is also prevalent. Since lab diamonds are produced by professionals working in a laboratory, lab diamonds does not have human impact.


We source our lab diamonds from an Antwerp-based supplier with laboratories in India. 

Our selection of lab diamonds

We do not carry low quality lab diamonds in our inventory therefore we have limited our selection to color D-I and clarity VVS1-VS2.

Technical aspects of lab diamonds

If you wish to deep dive into the more technical aspects of lab diamonds see our article here.